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How to Choose a Classic Car Transportation Company

If you need to transport your classic car for any reason, don’t settle for a transport company that is less than a specialist in classic car shipments. But while this service is not exactly rare to find, how do you know which of the many providers is to be trusted?

The best way to start is by asking those around you – friends, family members, colleagues, etc. Some good sources of information include big auction companies, car restorers and other collectors. It is a must to hire a company experienced with classic cars so you know that yours is well protected against damage, especially to the chassis. And if you want this service to be of excellent quality, think beyond price. Most highly reputed carriers have similar pricing, so if one company offers you a drastically low offer, be wary. Among the simplest ways of sizing up a transport company is to ask about the length of their experience in the business. You can also research their safety and insurance status at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.

One of the choices you should make when using this service is whether you want it transported in an enclosed trailer or an open one. Open transport cost less, but unless your car is due for restoration, closed transport is preferable because this service has less associated risks. And take note that open trailers are generally not equipped with a winch for stationary vehicles, and some companies will charge outrageous fees for loading inoperable cars. In any case, make sure all the fees are laid out to you upfront before you move forward.

In terms of insurance, a carrier is only liable for its own acts of negligence and not for unforeseeable acts of nature. Therefore, make sure your car has agreed value coverage from a collector car insurance company before you get it shipped.

Also keep in mind that unlike airplane or train travel, car transport is not a periodically scheduled service. Each time an order is placed for this service, the dispatcher has to gather a specific number of cars before getting on with the transport. Depending on the time of year and your location, this can take up to several weeks. Once you hear of a coming storm, start talking to the transporters you have listed early on. In that’s the case, you should probably hire a smaller local transporter who can promptly accommodate you. It’s also smart to consider two or three different carriers and compare their reviews and ratings, prices, etc.before making a choice.