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Everything You Need to Know About Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 goes by the acronym of MT2 and is a chemical that is created with the purpose of mimicking the effects and composition of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, a naturally-occurring hormone. This particular hormone is responsible for the regulation of the color of one’s skin. Nonetheless, it also has different effects on the overall body of the person. Here are some fun facts about melanotan 2 for those who have plans of getting their hands on this product.

Because melanotan 2 has been found to benefit the health of the person in one way or another, you can find them just about anywhere sold as supplements. A lot of people are after this kind of supplement because of the many benefits that they can get from it. This particular chemical offers the benefits of treatment for erectile dysfunction and prevention of skin cancer, testosterone production, skin pigmentation, and appetite suppression. Some of these health benefits are still going through further studies but there are two effects that have been proven to be conclusive. They are keeping one’s skin tanned and producing arousal and erections in men.

In the past couple of years, men went for supplements with melanotan 2 content to produce stronger erections and increase their sex drive. Though these effects were originally considered as side effects, they have become the main feature that a lot of men are going for. With melanotan 2, men no longer went to get expensive prescriptions or undergo painful surgical procedures just to get these effects.

In addition to the effects of melanotan 2 on men, it also provides a person with the perfect tan that they desire the most. This is the best and safest alternative to being outdoors and being under tanning booths just to get a tan. Usually, to get both effects, doctors will recommend a dosage of 0.025 mg/kg for the product. Nonetheless, before you decide to take this product, you have to seek advice from your doctor first. You can also approach them if you have further questions about the product. You will also be taught about the side effects and risks that you are taking.

In addition to tanning your skin, utilizing melanotan 2 also helps keep your skin well protected from too much sun exposure like those with fair skin. Being exposed to the sun a lot can actually damage your skin in more ways than one. You also put yourself at risk for skin cancer. Just keep in mind to allow a bit of sun to go to your skin for melanotan 2 to be activated and for it to stimulate the production of melanin in your body. There is no need for you to spend several hours under the sun. As stated, taking melanotan 2 gives you the tan that you want without putting your skin at risk from the damages brought about by the sun.

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