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Understanding The Facts of Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) And Work Permit Visa

Obtaining Labor market impact assessments has never been easy. Thus, as you apply for your Visa, it is not guaranteed your LMIA will be approved. Your employer is expected to fill in a tedious application on your behalf for you to be granted an LMIA. Note, even with the LMIA; you can be fired or dismissed by the employer.

If you are in a foreign country, you should work on having a contingency strategy in case a job suspension occurs. Note, LMIAs cannot be transferred from one party to another. They are closed employee permits to particular employers. Thus, after a lay-off, you cannot relocate with the permit to another employer. Hence, you are advised not to rely too much on this type of worker permits until you acquire a permanent residency visa.

However, as a temporary worker in a foreign country, you need to obtain LMIA, previously referred to as Labour Market Opinion (LMO). Such a permit will allow you to work legally in a foreign country. Other requirements come with LMIA, but that depends on the industry you are working in.

Do you know what LMIA means? Ideally, this is an authentication process that aims at making sure the employment of foreign employees will not negatively impact the labor market of the specific state. Verification is the obligation of the work and social department of the country in the subject.

As mentioned earlier, this process is complicated, and the hiring employer must give a detailed account of the foreign worker. Other countless factors must be taken into account. Employers must provide comprehensive information about the job being extended to the foreign worker. A detailed report of other permanent residents who have send their application for the specific position, the total of those shortlisted, interviewed, and reasons for their disqualification.

Note, the employer will only receive a positive response if this verification procedure turns out positively. The Labour Market Impact Assessment will allow you to recruit a foreign worker. A fundamental element that is considered in the verification process is the job specialization and how competitive the salary is for the position. It is after the approval of the LMIA that the foreign employee can go ahead to fill in their application for a work permit Visa.

Here are parameters observed during the analysis process to determine the outcome of your LMIA application.
If the position to be filled in by the employer is ranked at a low or high wage
If the salary is highly competitive and meets the states wage rate
Are the working conditions in line with labor laws?
Is a shortage of specific professions confirmed in the location?

If the hiring company has justifiably strived to find a fitting candidate among the citizens?
The Employment and social department will as well as certain there are no disputes in the hiring organization. Moreover, it is their task also to prove that the foreign employee will contribute to enhanced expertise in the location.

Other aspects that are also taken into account are the impacts of the foreign worker in the employment market and if the decision to bring foreign workers in the location will create more employment opportunities.

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