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A Complete Guide on Erectile Dysfunction

If a man is unable to maintain erection; then they are considered as having erectile dysfunction. The main cause of the condition is mainly medical issues but can be caused by psychological problems. The condition is only satisfied if it is consistent for several times. It is an embarrassment for many men, and some of them are not ready to address the issue with the doctor. However, the condition is easy to handle today because of the many available treatments.

The male sexual arousable is a complex process that involves a lot of things. To get an erection, you must include your brain, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood. In case any of these things is interrupted, you may have a problem. People who have underlying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity many causes the erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle like tobacco use, lack of sleep, prescription drugs may cause the problem. To people who heavily smoke, drink alcohol, and take prescription drugs, they are likely to have this condition. Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by psychological issues such as depression, stress, and problems in the relationship.

A person with erectile dysfunction may experience various signs and symptoms. Everybody who has erectile dysfunction tend to have trouble when maintaining erection. It will be a challenge for a person to maintain the erection for a considerable amount of time. Most of the people with this condition tend to lose interest in sexual activity. Other indicator that you are suffering from this condition include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and inability to attain ejaculation even after the stimulation. Ensure that you seek assistance from a medical practitioner is you are experiencing any of these signs.

To verify whether you have the condition, the doctor will carry out multiple tests. physical exam is the first thing that the doctor will do. Your lungs and heart will be examined first. They will do a physical examination on your private parts. The doctor is also likely to recommend a rectal examination to check the state of the prostrate.

The doctor will then ask you a various question. They will want to know for how long the problem has affected you. Another thing they will ask you is the firmness of the erection. Another common question is the frequency of having sexual activity. The medic will want to know whether there is an issue that is stressing you. psychological test will be followed by the urine tests, blood test, injection test, and ultrasound.

Men can take a group of prescribe drugs that can deal with the problem. They are taken 1 hour to 30 minutes before you get to the bed. Unless you have a recommendation from the doctor, ensure that you avoid them. Some over the counter enhancement pills like Alpha Male Plus can significantly heal you. change of lifestyles like quitting alcohol and cigarette smoking can help you to deal with the problem. If all methods cannot deal with the problem, doctors may recommend surgery.


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