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What you Need to Know About Luck

There are many people who choose to use the word luck. Most commonly, you will hear a person say they either had good or bad luck in their lives. You may have been wondering what is this luck that people keep on saying. This four alphabet word is common among us and it’s the high time we understand it better. Whether you are rich, poor, religious, politician or n any field, luck is with us and follows us in our daily lives. All you need is to ensure is that you get a clear understanding of this word “LUCK”.

There is the need to know that Luck is defined as a random and purposeless phenomenon that occurs to give a favorable or unfavorable situation to a person or a group of people. There is the need to know that not the person or the crowd has control over what will happen. When we come to the Bible, there is the need to know that Luck is defined as the will of God. In better words, luck is all about what God wants to do with us all. One can also call it a chance presented by God to a person or a group of people that brings good or bad to them.

You might have heard people saying that they were lucky or unlucky. It is important to know why people say there are either lucky or unlucky. In a test that was carried out by well-known authors, they found that people considered to be lucky were more upfront, outspoken, lively and used eye contact when communicating. On the other side, those considered unlucky had opposite traits from the lucky fellows. When we look at this example, we can conclude that it is the positive energy that makes people feel lucky compared to those who feel unlucky.

We have seen that Luck is that chance everyone gets from God and has a good or bad result on us. Another thing that we have come to learn is that we need positive energy to be lucky. Your chances of being lucky to depend on how positive and clean you keep the aura around you. We need to be good to others, think good things and even god will think the best for us. The moment you choose this kind of life, luck will be a common word for you all the time. With all this information, you now understand better what luck is and how you can get lucky.

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