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The Best Way to Sell Your Routes.

The first step in order to make this sale is to first make the decision that you actually want to sell these routes. Once you as a contractor have decided this then you can make the next step. There is a question that comes to mind when one wants to sell their routes which is how long will it take before my routes are sold. One of the ways to actually answer this question lies within the debts of your company, you need to gauge the nature of your company and its current status to the public. Then answer these few questions, how many routes have you decided on selling, is your business involved in multiple sectors of the route industry such as delivery or even line-haul, etc.? Are there some pending matters that you may need to complete before the sale is done or are there a few transactions that are pending that you need to complete? Are your financials readily available for viewing when needed, and do you already have any potential buyers or are you just starting off the selling process? These questions need to be answered before actually making any sales.

Once that is out of the way, it will be easier to estimate the timeline or the amount of time that it will take to sell the routes that you have put up for sale. Another major factor is financing, have you planned for the deal to be financed or are you planning it to be a cash sale. Though it may be profitable to let the bank finance the deal when selling your FedEx routes, it can the sale duration and make it harder for you to quickly sell the routes. Most people would ask when the best time to sell your routes well is actually the answer is very simple since it is actually any time of the year. There are always interested buyers out there waiting for the best deals to be placed in the market so that they can flag them down, so do not worry that there won’t be any market for your routes.

You should also keep in mind that the actual timeline to sell your routes should be between two to four months, this way you will get a really good deal out of it, timing the closing of your sale is key to a successful sale for both you and your buyer, this ensures that both sides get what they came for and at times even more. The ideal time to close your sale is at the earliest time of the year, the buyers will have at least six months before the peak of the year which is not advisable to sell your routes. This does not mean that during the peak of the year there won’t be any sales it will just increase the timeline which is what we are all trying to avoid. So make a decision as earliest as now and sell your routes right away.

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